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Our Mission is to build a sense of community while maintaining a safe, informed, and beautiful neighborhood.

PO Box 300255
Fern Park FL, 32730



Other finalists/honorable mentions:

- 1300 Winston

- 2320 Falmouth

- 2320 Worthington

Thank you to everyone who decorated their homes (big or small) this year. You help make our neighborhood a wonderful and joyful place!

2023 HOA Board

President - John Murphy

Vice President - Mark Hardin

Secretary - Caroline Wilkerson

Treasurer - Melissa Hazard

THANK YOU to everyone who came out for our 2022 neighborhood Fall Block Party! It was a huge success and just reinforces why our neighborhood is so great!


We're looking forward to seeing you all again at our next one!


The first 100FT from a stop sign have a double yellow marking. This marking denotes an area that should be free from parking on the street. Parking in this area makes it difficult to see traffic coming/going on the cross street. Please keep these areas clear for the safety of our neighborhood.

Community Events

Come join your HOA, and fellow neighbors at our Community events. We’ve had picnics at Kewannee Park, Block Parties, and Community Garage Sales.


In addition to voicing your opinions regarding Seminole County Community Affairs.

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